Monday, July 23, 2007

It's been a long, long time

You thought I had forgotten about you, didn't you? No, not me. I have just had many other things taking my time away from blogging. For a little while it was blogging-smlogging. I really wasn't in to it for a bit. But, as I feel I have something valuable here, I feel it best to continue.

I have gotten myself in an amazing frugal place at present. How did this happen? I signed up to get a book for free, if I would review it on my blog. Janine Bolon of Smart Cents, has set a wonderful example of just how reachable financial Independence can be. My husband and I read this book, and realized that we knew most of what was contained within, but we had not actually put some of it to the test. This book has been far more motivating to me than I originally thought. We finally took the time to write down our financial goals. We created an excel timeline which listed each month until we turned 50. We put important info such as the ages our children will be, major purchases we know will need to take place (cars, home improvement, etc.), and debt. If we tighten our belts, we saw just how easily our financial goals could be met. This timeline is posted on our bedroom wall, and is VERY motivating. Janine Bolon's book, Money, It's Not Just For Rich People has spurred a wonderful sense of freedom and fulfillment within my husband and I. My favorite part of the book is when Joline shares her personal story. The truth of her financial freedom, compared to what others thought was happening is refreshing to hear!

Her book also helped me to start rereading a few other great financial works of art. The Complete Tightwad Gazette, and Your Money or Your Life. More to come on those soon.